Certainly! Here is the size and character board for mechanical switches in French, with hyperlinks to the corresponding switches on the OnlyKeebs website:
Interrupteur Taille (mm) Force d'actionnement (g) Caractéristiques
Cherry MX Red 18,0 45 Linéaire, lisse, léger
Cherry MX Black 18,0 60 Linéaire, lisse, lourd
Gateron Black 18,0 50 Linéaire, lisse, moyen
Cherry MX Blue 18,0 50 Cliquant, lisse, moyen
Cherry MX Brown 18,0 45 Tactile, lisse, moyen
Cherry MX Clear 18,0 65 Tactile, lisse, lourd
Cherry MX Green 18,0 80 Cliquant, lisse, lourd